SketchUp saved files lost

I had to had in my computer back to work which had SketchUp Pro on it. When I used to open SketchUp on this lapotop, all of my models / files would show when I first opened the SketchUp application.

I very stupidly assumed that as this was on my SketchUp “account”, that when I logged into SketchUp with the same account on a new computer, all of my models and files would be there. They dont seem to be. Have I lost them all?

hello. on sketchup pro, desktop version, files are saved locally. Sketchup welcome screen shows recently opened files, but they remain on your hard drive. You will then have to copy them on an external hard drive or USB key and paste them on the new computer.

If you were using sketchup for web, in a browser, that would work the way you are describing it, as it would have been saved on the cloud, linked to your account.

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As above, on the desktop version they are stored locally on your PC, in the Documents section of the computer.
If you have backed up this section of your old computer, for other work files, before you took it into work then you should still have the SketchUp files.