Saving files on on my Windows 10 Desktop as well as my windows laptop

Hello, my name is Ron and I am very new to Sketchup Pro. I have never used forums before, I am 70 years old and not that quick at absorbing too much new info but I will give it my best shot.

I have SketchUp installed on my Window 10 laptop and desktop but I’m not sure how to save files on one and have it saved on the other.

Can someone please help me out here. At the moment I am doing a lot of 2D switch panels for a model rail layout.
Regards Ron

Firstly are you comfortable with finding your way around the file system, generally known as Windows Explorer or File Explorer?
Files are stored on your computer in a series of folders that are arranged in an ever expanding tree format, something like a family tree.
These files are ‘local’ files, as in they are physically in your computer.
Then there are Network files, these can be on your computer but linked via the internet to another computer. This can get complicated and can cause issues with incorrectly saved files on rare occasions.

So basically you want to save your .skp files to a local folder, the default will normally be ‘My Documents’ or just ‘Documents’. But you can create specific folders for specific jobs.
Once you have a .skp save on your Desktop you need to Physically move it to the Laptop to work on it. You can do this manually by copying it to a thumbdrive/usb stick and moving it to the laptop. Or you can save it to a network location that is shared with the laptop and open it that way. Many options are available for this, one drive, dropbox, google docs, Trimble Connect etc or even email.

The general consensus is to only work on a local file, and copy or sync to the network after saving locally.
So to put it simply, save to documents folder on desktop, copy file to documents on laptop, work on file, save back to documents on laptop, copy file to documents on desktop.
How you get from one to the other depends on a lot of variables.

Thank you very much Box, I did just now have success using one drive but I wasn’t sure whether I could use the warehouse to save files apart from components.
I may however take your advice and use a data stick (it sounds quick and easy to me).
Thanks Again

Just be sure to copy the file onto the local drive each time when you work on it, don’t open it directly from the data stick, this can lead to losing work due to corrupted files.

I will most certainly take your advice Box, thanks again :grinning:

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