Exporting files

Trying to save basic drawing to external hard drive on desktop version2017, And to open on web version of a client computer. Is that possible?

You’d either have to upload the file to the 3D Warehouse, Trimble Connect, or a file sharing service, unless you can give some form of remote access from the client computer to your own hard drive - via a network file share for example, or FTP.

The remote client needs some way to ‘see’ the file and access it.

Thank you. I have the hard drive to take to the client. I saved the file to the hard drive took to clients plugged into their computer and it doesn’t recognize the file when I try to open on their computer.

Probably a silly question, but do they have a version of SU that can open the file installed on the computer you tried the disk in?

If they do, and the file is corrupt, there’s one more thing to try - upload the file to this forum, and ask @colin to see what he might be able to rescue from it.

So you’re using SketchUp Free for work for clients? And you are downloading the .skp file to let them look at it using SketchUp 2017 Make?

Could you use one of their computers, and sign into your account in a web browser?

The question is spot on but its opposite on the software. trying to pull the file from 2017 and open it in web based free.

I need a way to save the files from 2017 make to web based then yes I would be able to login in from both computers and work the file.

Your profile shows as using the Free web version. If you are, then your files are already online.

If you are using SketchUp for work things, you could get the Pro version, and then use Trimble Connect as a way to share models to clients.

So you’re using Sketchup 2017 Make in your business?

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free(Web) which is confusing the issue.

I think this is simpler than you think. On your computer at home open a browser window at home and sign in to Sketchup Free. Go folder upper left and choose insert then choose my computer (laptop icon), navigate to the file you want then open it. Now save that file in the web version. Go to the clients house (no need for your hard drive) and open Sketchup Free with your sign in ID on their computer, your file is saved there.

A separate issue is it sounds like you are using SU Make 17, and Sketchup Free for your work which is in violation of the use agreement for both those pieces of software.