How to work offline and save files on HD?

Can I take control of my files? I would like to save files on my HD or in Dropox. Problem 1: I can download the file, but when I try to open it all i get is chinese letters. Is it the actual file that I can have for ever and share with others to open and edit or just some sort of link to what I have in trimble?

If you downloaded the file, it would be the real thing, a .skp file
Probably the latest version (you can choose).
To open it for viewing you can download the desktop viewer or Trimble Connect desktop app (Windows only).
For editing, you need the desktop modeller (I believe there is still a 2017 make version, so you would have to download the corresponding version from your web account)

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Make which is a desktop version that works offline so by default you should be saving your files to your local hard drive. You could upload them to your Drop Box account to back them up there.

Hi DaeR

I used to use SU Make, but started using SU Free. I belive I will go back to Make. The file-handling drives me crazy. Got to files that I apperently can only open through Trimble and leave it to that.

Please correct your forum profile then.

I don’t know why it should make you crazy. If you are using the web-based version, you get to access your files through your web-based storage. You can download them to your local drive if you wish but you without SketchUp installed locally, you would need to upload them again to use the web version.

Since you are using SketchUp as a hobbyist and you want to work offline, SketchUp 2017 Make would be the choice. Easy enough.

My conclusion too. Free has some nice features but Make realy has its good sides too, like having two drawings open and copying an object in one and entering it in the other. Never got that to work in free.

Thank you for helping me out.