SketchUp on different devices

Hi, I have been working hapily on my Mac and now I am trying to use my sons mac book.

Ive downloaded sketch up and signed in but none of the files are there.

How do i get the files accross

The mac book doesnt have a USB port!


The MacBook had a single USB-C port (not thunderbolt). If you had the right cables or adapters you could connect a USB flash drive or hard drive to that. Where are the files now?

You could turn file sharing on and copy the files over your network.

You said you signed in to SketchUp. Your profile says you’re using Pro. Where did you expect the files to be?

On both Macs, in Finder, choose AirDrop from the Go menu. At the both of the window it will say who can discover you, set that to everyone. Now you will be able to drag the files from your Mac to his Mac.

Airdrop is convenient and handy for occasional filedrops, but you have to be aware which computer holds the most recent version. If you have setup an extra user account, you could consider using a sync service like iCloud. (In my experience, this works better then dropbox or Google Drive regarding opening directly and ending up with corrupt files)

If you don‘t wanna end up with a bunch of different versions on different machines with backups and recover files, you can use Trimble Connect.
Set up a project and upload the or ‘publish’ the model from your main machine.
You can use the Trimble Connect Extension to open the model on your other machine.
Each ‘Publish’ will be stored in the cloud, giving you the possibility to go through your ‘revisions’

In this case I think there is a machine that has all of the models, and another that has no models, so you do know which one has the latest version. The models drop off in Downloads, so you will get another chance to decide which is the latest one.

At least, my impression is that loulou wants to work on the models on the MacBook for a while, and isn’t looking for a way to keep models synced across two members of a team.

I don’t want to get in a situation where my latest version of a project is controlled by my offspring adolescents.