I clicked 'don't save' on my file by accident

hi, i clicked ‘don’t save’ on my file with a lot of new work in it by accident. i would love it if anyone knew a way that i could find it again. I’m using mac OSX and the demo version of sketchup.

I expect you’re out of luck. I think the best you’ll do is up to the last time you saved it.

oh no… Thank you anyway. :frowning:

Isn’t skb available for macs too ? If it is, then try opening it .

The backup file on mac has a ~ but I believe as on the PC if you don’t save the changes on the file, the backup is the same as the last manually saved file. And if the file was never saved to start with, there’s no backup file at all.

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Honestly I didn’t know how the backup(skb) works, it’s just that for plenty of times it worked for me. Maybe it worked when the model crashed or something and I didn’t had the chance to see the last saved model because it was corrupt. I had the impression that the backup updates somehow like the autosave file. Hey, what about the autosave file ?

there isn’t one :confused: i spent a while redoing the work today but it sit
l took a while

Save early and save often. :wink:

yeah haha i learned that now haha :,) :frowning: