Spinning beach ball

Thank you so much I think both are working now! A weight lifted off my shoulders, thank you I really appreciate it

The model you sent me is in black and white, I rendered it in v ray and comes up coloured so not a massive isshue, but just so I get an idea of the space is there a way I can change this? Or do I leave it for storage purposes?

I didn’t remove the materials. I adjusted the face style to Monochrome to show the faces that need to be fixed and to reduce the load on your little graphics processor. You can switch the face style back to Shaded with Textures if you want. Make sure you are keeping the face orientation correct bfore you apply textures.

if I leave it the way it is, will it make it run quicker?

If you leave the face style set to Monochrome it’ll be easier for your graphics processor to keep up.

it might, because your computer doesn’t have to render the textures. only faces.

Also, I haven’t checked tour Tags, but deactivating the tags you don’t need for the render will help you work / navigate.
If you want to render the bar, you can hide the tags of the elements that are not on camera.

thanks so much guys you have all been a great hope much appreciated! Now the stress is over I can go back to the enjoying sketchup! Thank :))

Also, how to I get rid of the exposed faces in the alcohol cupboard behind the bar, I cant seem to get it right?

You don’t want to get rid of them, just right click on the face (open the object for editing, of course) and choose Reverse Faces.

brill thank you so much

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