Specifying distance in JointPushPull

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SketchUp Pro/ Studio user here, hope all are well

I’m modelling a rather large city area and want to make use of Joint PushPull to model the sidewalks/ pavements and the buildings.

I want to use the Joint PushPull “Vector Push Pull” tool, with the Z option enabled (ie vertical axis) because it will allow me to create a group each time I use, unlike the native PushPull tool in SketchUp.

Issue is, when I type in a distance/ thickness for sidewalks/ pavements (ie 100mm), the Joint PushPull tool seems to ignore the value and simply offset the distance where the cursor is. So, for the moment I’m doing this manually, by moving millimetre by millimetre to get the distance I need. Which is a great way to waste time :frowning:

I occassionally get it to work, so I don’t think it’s a bug and Joint PushPull is upto date.

Any ideas?



Why haven’t you posted your question in the SketchUcation forum thread relating to this extension ?
That’s where you will have downloaded it from !
Its creator and its many users over at SketchUcation would be much more likely to see your question there, and give you a useful response…

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@Fredo6 could help you

You have control over PushPull both before and after, by typing or changing dimensions and also inferencing

Thanks Mihai/ Francis

That video was helpful, which I watched dozens of times

However, I realised if modelling on terrain, which I am, when offsetting a specific distance when wanting to project on a plane (ie wanting a flat surface/ roof), then Joint PushPull won’t know from which point on the ground it should measure from

Thus when I finally clocked turning off the Project on a plane option might work, it did

I was then able to specify the distance, albeit the surface/ roof became curvy, but I was able to make it flat after by selecting the grouped item and clicking Project on a plane

Apologies for my late reply

Use the vector push pull, hit the up key on your keyboard and give it the length you need as @mihai.s showed you.

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