PushPull is Only Highlighting and Nothing Further, And Measurements are Off When Typed In

Hi, I’m trying to use the push/pull tool, but it isn’t letting me manually lift a rectangle to a height. It only does so when I type in a number, like 2.50. However, even when I typed that in, the wall went down – not up. Additionally, it was so tall, way taller than 2.50 meters as it should have been. I don’t understand why because my program is set to meters. Can someone help me figure this out?

If you can share your skp file I’m sure one of us can sort it out.

Here it is, thanks!!

palmacourse_unit2lesson1.skp (460.4 KB)

Your plan (did you import it from another application?) is microscopic.

If you imported it from a DWG, you should do that again, and set Meters as your import unit in the import options. You seem to have used millimeters.

I imported again and chose Meters instead of model units during the import, and it works now. Thanks for the help!

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