PUSH/PULL Tool - Can't type my measurements

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Thank you in advance for your time. I am completely new to Sketchup and I am currently trialling the free web version of it. I was watching the help videos but I only got as far as the second video, as my version of sketchup simply does not want to do, what I am told to do in the videos.

My issue is with the PULL/PUSH Bar. I do apologise in advance if this has already been a topic on this forum, I tried to browse through some of the related topics and couldn’t find my answer.

In the video im asked to draw a square, type in 4’,4’ then enter (to make a 4ft by 4ft square). This works just fine hallelujah! BUT then the next step is to use the push and pull tool and type 4" then enter, to make a 4" height. Now this is where the film breaks.

Whatever number I try to type becomes a zero first and then the surface/roof of my square disappears as well! This happens while im hovering the push pull tool over the square and the surface is light blue shaded. When I move the push pull tool away from the square so that the surface becomes grey, I can type a number (it wont make it a zero) but I then cant make the " sign. Whenever I press the shift key the whole number disappears.

I am using Microsoft edge and I guess the 2020 version? Im not very technical…

Thank you!!


Read this discussion:

In the thread linked above, see the last post by Colin for an update to edge that is currently working.

Thank you for your reply! I guess Chrome works then? Ill give it a try :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply. So I just have to download the canary version?

Colin has reported Canary working ok, so download it from the link and then install it. It will replace your current Edge version with the new one. I’m not sure why Windows aren’t rolling newer Edge versions out with automatic Windows 10 updates, it seems it has to be done manually.

Its working!!! Thank you so much Ian! :smiley:

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