Push/pull enter value

Hello! I’m having trouble using Push/Pull > enter value. Here’s a screen recording.

What happens:
Choose push/pull tool.
Click the surface to extrude.
Drag mouse in the direction of extrusion.
Release mouse (without clicking).
Type value 3 (units are set to meters).
Press return to enter (on Mac keyboard).
Nothing happens–enter doesn’t register.
If I move my mouse again, push/pull is still actively extruding.
Push/pull only stops if I click.

Note that enter value does work with other commands. For example, if I use the rectangle tool, I can type 3,3 enter, and that creates a precise rectangle of 3 x 3 square meters.

I’m using Pro 2019 version on MacOS 12.0.1.

Thanks for your advice!

What happens if you click and release to start extruding, move the crusor up and then click and release before typing the distance?

I suppose it’s possible that this is an issue between Pro 2019 and MacOS 12.

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I haven’t tried SU 2019 on Monterey yet, but 2021 hasn’t given me this problem. On my phone now, I’ll check later when I get back to my computer.

Edit: Back at my computer. So far as I can tell, SU 2019 pushpull behaves exactly the same as 2021. No problem entering value, either with or without a mouse click.

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It’s not obvious what is going wrong, unless you actually don’t have units set to metres but to millimetres (say), in which case you might just not see the small extrusion taking place.

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If you look at the Measurements window in her video you can see the untis display as meters when she starts extruding.

Thanks, Dave. I’m not sure if I followed your instruction correctly, but it didn’t work to do this:
Click, release, drag up.
Click, release again.
Type distance, enter.

It did kind-of work to do as shown in video. Problem is that would leave me to subtract the initial extruded distance, which I could note in the Measurements window. It’d be great if I didn’t have to do the subtraction. Ideas?

Thanks again!

@slbaumgartner reports it works correctly for him in SU2019 and Mac 12. Makes me wonder what is different between yours and his. Did you install SU2019 correctly? Have you tried SU2021? Does it behave any differently for you?

What kind of mouse are you using?

I believe that my enterprise group license only allows me access to 2019, so I can’t try 2021. As far as I know it’s installed correctly; I haven’t had any other problems so far. My mouse is Logitech M535.

You should be able to try 2021 in trial mode.

You might try installing SketchUp again. Go to sketchup.com/download/all and download the installer. Double click on it and drag it to Applications. After that I would do a cold reboot (power completely off and then back on) and start SketchUp again.

Your written description and video aren’t the same, in that you do a second push pull operation, after having completed the first small one.

You could cut down the steps. Try this:

Click, release, move the cursor up the screen.
Type 3, Enter.

You will get an overall height of 3m, and you only had to do one click.

I watched your first video after typing what I did, and your description of your actions is the same as I was saying to do. If you draw a line, by doing a single click, move, type 3 Return, do you get a 3 metre line?

I think that you have a MacBook Pro, but just to check, are you using an extended keyboard?

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