PushPull - I Push & Result is Pull


I must have changed a setting or something. I make a selection, then use the PushPull tool and get a reverse action. I push and it pulls. It only happens on one rectangle, so far.

I’m using Lesson Getting Started with SketchUp Chapter 3 Part 3, Time: 7:18.


How about uploading your SketchUp file so we can see what you have drawn?


Leeson Part 3.
Current Lesson upload.skp (82.8 KB)


Is this what you’re having trouble with?

Are you typing in the extrusion distance? If you notice in the video, he didn’t do that. He just pushed a little and quit.


Yes. Your demonstration is pushing the rectangle in as I would say would be correct. But when I do the same operation it comes out at me instead of pushing in.


Maybe you just need to change the camera position a little bit. Or change the direction you are moving the mouse.


I changed me Display to Home Display and it worked good.
Thanks for the help.


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