Shapes warping when I use the Push/Pull tool

Hey everyone

Need some help, not an expert on this stuff, but when i use pull/push tool shouldn’t it move the whole face i select equally ??

I wanted to make a rectangular prism, and it keeps warping it, and i can get big curves in it.

As you can see in the image, we are looking straight down and there are curves on the edge, am i doing something wrong ???



If you upload the model here, we have a better chance of suggesting why.

Which face are you trying to pushpull?

I am trying to extend the two sides of the rectangular prism to match the holders sides, but it is bringing it unevenly and you really notice it when you put it next to something straight. Or if you pull it out again you really see the curve in it as seen in the picture.

Stand to Truss.skp (1.3 MB)

The prism at the RH end isn’t square. It’s about 2.5 degrees off square.

I can pushpull the end face, but you can’t get both corners to line up with the square corner of the tool holder, since pushpull is projecting the non-square face.

Select the near corner line of the prism, and move it to align with the corner above it.

I’ve done this in the attached file.

Stand to Truss.skp (1.4 MB)

Your bolts have reversed faces.

So if you don’t pull it in the middle it won’t pull evenly ??

Push/Pull extrudes perpendicularly to the face, if the end face isn’t square to the sides of the bar, you’ll get a bend in the bar. If you want to leave the end face slightly off square as in your model. Select that face and its edges and use Move instead of Push/Pull.

In a top view with the camera set to Parallel Projection, you can see the ends of the bar are not cut off square.

Here’s the difference between Move and Push/Pull with the angled face. I would think you’d want the ends cut square but maybe not.

Yeah i have squared them out now (i can’t open your file as i use 2016). It is weird as i haven’t pulled the sides out to make it not square in the first place, but i fixed that up. Even the rectangle when i first made it was not square

So does Push/Pull work as you expected now?

How did you draw the rectangle? If with the Rectangle tool, it would have been rectangular from the start but could have been distorted by something you did afterward. If with the Line tool, you need to make sure you are drawing on axis. The line trailing the cursor will match the axis its parallel to. You can lock the direction with the cursor keys if you need to.

I made the rectangle using the Rectangle tool. Then used the pull push tool to bring it to the rectangular prism, that is all i did to it, and the edges were all out. I tried again and the same happened.

Perhaps you can do it again and upload the SKP file. I’ve never been able to make a non-rectangle with the Rectangle tool in almost 15 years of using SketchUp.

I can’t seem to replicate it, maybe i hit something when i was making it 3D, but doesn’t matter it is fixed, and i know how to correct it if it happens again.

Thanks Dave for your time :slight_smile:

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