Push and pull tool

New here. I am trying to figure how to use push tool to do this, please see the image marked with red arrow. Can I do this in Sketchup?


Tap ctrl and continue on through the curve.

That’s probably command on Mac.

If you’re wanting it to start a new face, it’s Option on Mac. Curiously, Command isn’t shown as a modifier suggestion, but it does have an effect. It almost acts like you’re using the move tool, making adjacent faces change to keep up.

If you open the instructor, it tells you:

Command = push/pull while stretching attached faces.

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Ok, on Mac it is apparently Option that will allow you to continue through the curve. Then you will need to intersect the faces and remove what you don’t want.

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Thanks everyone for fast replies!

I am using free web based Sketchup. Can I intersect the face in free program?

Yes it works the same, just looks a bit different.

See this thread:

Thanks again. I got it. click+control, I got intersect the face.

Ok, sorry, should have been more specific on that point, but it is difficult when there are many options now depending on what format/device you are using.
Basically it is a context menu option, … hang on, click + control!? aren’t you on a Mac?

yes. I am on a Mac.

I don’t know why. The part looks ok, but if I turned it, it looks like that in 2nd image.

2nd image

That is called clipping and is something else altogether.
Have you moved the object a long way from the origin, the three coloured axis point. It’s unusual to see that in a simple model.

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Does it have anything to do with hardware? I am at work. The Mac is old.

It can relate to many things, we can only guess.
Attach the model and we can see if there are any obvious issues.
Download from the web version then upload using the 7th icon from the left at the top of the message window. Or just drag and drop.

here is the model.

diy 075 air bearing tonearm1.skp (298.0 KB)

Go Camera menu and change to Perspective.

It worked. Great. So, I should use perspective only. Thanks

It’s generally much easier to do your modeling with the camera set to Perspective. Save Parallel Projection for when you want to export images if you need 2D views.

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