Push Pull Create New Face not working

Hello all new to this community and I just downloaded the newest version. I am no longer able to create a new face with push pull …I believe on the Mac I used shift+control. Ive tried everything (shift+option, shift+command, just control, just command) and I am not getting the plus sign like I used to. It was like second nature a function used so often you never forget … do you think I have a bug or glitch. I also tried reinstalling. when I hit just option my right click box keeps opening instead. I do a lot of kitchen cabinetry and need this function in my life. please help.

What do you mean? P is the shortcut for push pull, maybe you had assigned other command on your previous sketchup Version, the shortcuts and the plug-ins are not kept when you install a new version, you must set sketchup up manually.

use option, there are diwn, left side write all modifires when activate some tools,
for push-pull tap opshion and u see + sign

I figured it out reinstalling and starting my computer. thank you both so much!

If you look at the Status bar, just below the modelling window, after choosing any tool, you will see hints about how to use the tool and what optional features are possible by using the various modifier keys.

With the Push/Pull tool, you can use the Option key on Mac to create a new starting face.

If you open the Instructor Window (IW), the explanations are more verbose and if you scroll down the IW to it lower end, you get a link to the help.

When you don’t need it anymore, simply close the IW.

Thank you so much! I figured it out as I knew that was the key, but whether it was my keyboard or Mac I rebooted everything and then the plus sign finally came up.