Push pull missing original face


I apologize in advance - this is probably a rookie question (which I am).

I’m trying to create the 3D shape of a building to then use in OpenStudio (version 1.7 is installed, and it’s the only plugin or extension I have installed). I’ve got the floorplan modeled properly and am looking to start pushing the spaces into 3D. However, when I grab a space with the push pull tool, it moves the original face and creates the new sides, but the original face is not kept. In other words, if I push/pulled a circle, it would result in a cup, not a cylinder.

Here’s a video of the issue in motion.

What am I doing wrong? Thank you!


You can use the CTRL key to change this.


Keep an eye on the Status Bar at the bottom of the SketchUp interface.
There, you’ll notice when you select the Push/Pull tool there’s a modifier keyPush/Pull + Ctrl
(Option key on a Mac)

Push/Pull Tool: Creating a new Push/Pull starting face — SketchUp Help


Awesome. I knew it was something simple. Good tip on the status bar at the bottom. Thank you!