After using push/pull tool to set floor, bottom of floors are open and hollow

When I pulled floor with push pull tool the walls all appear open. What is the fix ?

Pull up while holding down [Ctrl], to leave original face(s) behind.

Tap [ctrl] - don’t hold it down. the cursor should change to have a + next to it.Tap again to get rid of the +

Tap or Hold, it’s a toggle, so both ways work.
But it’s more about understanding what is happening.
If you draw a rectangle and pull it up it will form a 3d shape with white outside and gray inside.
But if you draw a rectangle and then a rectangle within that one you will get different reactions when you pull the faces up.
Learning the difference will take you far.

Exactly what I wanted to write (but didn’t!).
Thanks for correcting the error.

thanks for the tip but on my Mac it is not tapping ctrl but tapping option. tapping or holding CTRL brings up the entity dropdown.

tap or hold Option moves the cut out but pull or push with the Ctrl + sign yields and endless cut that does not go thru

You’ll get into a reversed faces mess, but at this stage, who cares?.. right?

NOTE For people who understand this: CTRL (option for mac) shouldn’t really revert faces… (The manifoldeness isn’t convincing me…)

it’s a mac so use ‘alt’ i.e. , which may be tabled ‘option’, tap or hold till you see the + symbol beside the cursor…