Push/Pull problems

I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I am drawing a two story house. When I make a rectangle to start the second floor and go to push pull the Floor opening through the face it wont find the other face and create an opening. This has also happened on some windows/doors. And even sometimes a face just wont pull. I feel ridiculous because it is such and easy thing to do. I was wondering if I didn’t set my preferences correctly or turn on some device thing, I have tried to make the floor a group and then I cant see the rest of the model to make it just over the stairs. Anybody else having this problem? I am knew and have a great time with the program and learning a lot.

Have you tried holding down ctrl while pulling ?


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Hi @supconggm90

Spotty picking performance and other odd tool behaviors are often a symptom of OpenGL deficiencies in your graphics hardware and/or its driver.
From your description that might be the root of your troubles.

Try this test setting when you open SketchUp:
Click … Window > Preferences > OpenGL
There, deselect: Use Hardware Acceleration

Close and then restart SketchUp for the new setting to take effect.
If that helps, it confirms your graphics card and/or its driver have an OpenGL support issue.
No worries, see Tommy’s advice here…



Then again, the problem could be you just need a bit more practice.
The videos below should help…

Pay extra close attention near the end of this video.



Visibility often becomes an issue while editing groups.
There are times it’s advantageous to see how the group relates to the rest of the model.
And the next moment, you’d rather see only the geometry within the group.
The way to control visibility while editing is under the View menu.

• View > Component Edit > Hide Rest of Model
• View > Component Edit > Hide Similar Components

It helps to assign keyboard shortcuts to quickly toggle these View commands.
I use Ctrl+H and Alt+H respectively.
Of course, SU let’s you assign whatever keys you prefer.
Simply click … Window > Preferences > Shortcuts

When “cutting” a face the two surfaces must be parallel when using the PP tool.