This adds to the various discussions about using a SpaceMouse with Sketchup.

I noticed over the weekend that my SM was no longer working as it should. It could only zoom in and out. I can’t say for sure, but I wonder whether it could have been related in some way to an update to High Sierra that I installed recently. Or maybe it was subtly alerting me to the fact that there was also a new update to the SM driver (issued 31 October apparently).

I followed my normal routine, ie. download new driver, switch off firewall, install new driver, switch firewall back on. I believe this is now known as the Evans Method! Anyway, it is back up and running again.


I don’t have an answer but I get seemingly random times when the SM doesn’t work, and then another time it will be fine. Because of the randomness I can never pinpoint what affects it (windows).


How odd. Does it start working randomly without any input from you, such as re-installation? That would make it as fickle as the British weather!


I run into an issue that I am embarrassed to admit, but I will in the interest of this discussion. Some times I move the puck of my SpaceMouse and it has no effect on the model… then I realize that SketchUp is not the active window… Just because i see SketchUp does not mean that the SPaceMouse is working… it has to be the active window.

Hope that helps others!


I experienced these issues with my Wireless SM. There were a few problems with using the usb, conflicts mostly with the Logitech mouse usb I believe. Back in Sketchup 2016 days I removed the usb mini-stick and plugged the SM in permanently (semi-hard-wired). Not had this particular issue since but sometimes find myself in the same place that Aaron mentions.


Mine is hard wired so not Wifi related.


A simple unplug and plug back in may be all you need next time.


OK, I’ll try that next time.