3d Connexion Space Mouse HELP!


My Space Mouse wireless changes axes on me every time I save my model! When I first open the model (a house) I rotate, the model and it spins on the screen, staying centered. If I hit “save” and then rotate the space mouse in the exact same way, IT CHANGES ROTATION AXES AND STARTS ROTATING AROUND THE RED, BLUE, AND GREEN INTERSECTION (the origin). It is infuriating to say the least. Anyone else experienced this?

I have re-installed the driver on the space mouse. Never had this issue until I downloaded Sketchup 2017. Please help!!


Do you have the most recent driver from 3DConnexion?

Windows 10.4.8

Mac 10.4.3

Last time I was having problems with my Space Mouse, updating to their most recent driver seemed to help.


I think i just figured it out. 3D mouse home>Properties>Tools>Install Plugins

So far no issues. Thanks for the suggestions!


I’ve used the Space navigator for years, I can’t imagine working without it. About every two months it ‘drifts’ which is quite annoying. I always get it to work in about ten or twenty minutes, never knowing exactly ‘what’ fixed it. Uninstall it or repair it, reboot, change the speeds and use the tutorial videos and challenge tests.
When I’m pining for one of the wireless upgrades with all those shortcuts I always wonder it they’re prone to setup problems too. For me SketchUp is like a musical instrument, as you get better some routines become automatic. That’s when the shortcuts start to make sense, but working in a concentrated manner like that is quite an effort. I take frequent breaks. From Matt Donley’s and Nick Sonder’s books, I’m slowly learning how to organize things. There are ways to draw ‘perfect’ geometry resulting in most groups being ‘solids’ and then using routines to build a house almost as you would in real time, on site. The Space Mouse causes the processor to work harder resulting in more heat, and the fan comes on. That’s a limitation for computers with slower processors and ‘just’ enough memory.
Maybe next year I’ll have a Eurocom (everything is upgrade-able) that looks more like a Camaro underneath than a 'puter. Mega horsepower for both motherboard/processor and graphics card/processor, elephant memory and dual everything cooling system. The Cdn$ isn’t doing well either, I might have just talked myself into it.