SpaceMouse wireless freezing when used in a certain way with SketchUp


Wondering if anybody else is having the same problem or can replicate it.

SpaceMouse wireless with latest driver V10.6.7 (problem occurs with V10.6.6 as well)
SketchUp Pro 2020.1
Windows 10 to latest update.
3DConnexion extension to latest update.

When selecting a command from one of the radial menus (8) at the same time as using zooming, rotating, etc. the SpaceMouse freezes - though I can still select any commands within the radial buttons. Sketchup itself is unaffected.

I have already sent a message to 3DConnexion support.

If I have more thaan one instance of SketchUp open the other instace/s is/are unaffected and I can keep using the mouse properly until I happen to repeat the pattern.