SpaceMouse wireless freezing when used in a certain way with SketchUp


Wondering if anybody else is having the same problem or can replicate it.

SpaceMouse wireless with latest driver V10.6.7 (problem occurs with V10.6.6 as well)
SketchUp Pro 2020.1
Windows 10 to latest update.
3DConnexion extension to latest update.

When selecting a command from one of the radial menus (8) at the same time as using zooming, rotating, etc. with the SpaceMouse, it (the SpaceMouse) freezes - though I can still select any commands within the radial buttons. Sketchup itself is unaffected, and can keep working as per usual - without theaid of the SM.

I have already sent a message to 3DConnexion support.

If I have more than one instance of SketchUp open, the other instace/s is/are unaffected and I can keep using the SM properly on them until I happen to repeat the pattern on any of these new instances.


This has been previously reported and there other threads about the issue in the forum. I also see weird behavior when attempting similar moves . My opinion is that input from two devices at the same time cannot be handled by the OS. It does not know how to respond.

I looked extensively in the forum before posting. I found topics for other problems but not this specific one. If this problem is being talked about elsewhere, I would appreciate it if you were able to direct me to the relevant topic/s.

I never once had this problem until I switched to V10.6.6 Everything was fine with V10.6.5 in both SU1019 and SU2020 - the only problem being the “stuttering” when zooming in and out while on Parallel Projection. This was the reason I switched first to V10.6.6 and then V10.6.7…

What I am referring to is using two input devices at the same time.

@j.rivas, just tried simultaneously using wireless spacemouse and different radial menus on my setup, did not experience any problems.
My specs: 3DConn driver: v10.6.7, SU Pro: 2020.1 Win10 Pro: v1909 (02/11/20)

Thanks for giving it a test, I appreciate he speediness!

I just want to make sure, did you try to select a tool from the radial menu as you were already zooming/rotating/panning your model with the SM?

I have 8 SU tools for each the left and right radial menus, and my specs are basically the same as yours, but my GC is a 765M.

I have been in touch with 3DC for well over a month, and they have passed the problem on to the “master” techs, it seems.

We tried everything, including a deep removal/clean install, to no avail…

Interesting. I can zoom/move/pan with my SM at the same time as I am picking a tool directly from SketchUp with my right mouse - no problem.

It could be argued that when my problem happens, I am using only inputs from one device, the SM…and then the problem seems to happen when the “picked-tool” info is passed on to SketchUp proper.

Again, if you could provide me with one of those links I would really appreciate it. Maybe looking at that thread may help me figure something out.


@j.rivas You are welcome.
Just gave another test. Using two hands, one to move (orbit) the other clicking on the radial menus.
No problems on my end with my setup.
Good luck with technical support. I have had good experiences with their team.

@lindsay, thanks again for the help. I’ll post in here whatever the techs at 3DC (hopefully) find out.

At this time they are trying to replicate the problem.

I have the exact same problem. So far, working with 3Dconnexion support, I haven’t been able to solve it. I had the impression that the problem only occurred after customizing the buttons. ie: I couldn’t replicate the problem until I customized 1 button and then used that button. As soon as I did that the spacemouse joystick became unresponsive but everything else continued to work. The problem started after upgrading Sketchup Pro to 2020 version

Interesting, it happens to me even without customizing the radial buttons - just using the default 3DC tools within them…

It also happened to me after upgrading to SU2020 Pro.

Thanks for replying!

I reinstalled Sketchup 2019 Pro because I have become so dependent on the spacemouse I am loath to do my work without it. Now it happens in this version as well. :unamused:

For me, the joystick on the spacemouse freezes in Sketchup Pro 2019 and 2020, seemingly after using a customized button.

The following has not worked:

It’s possible the driver may need a cleaning. This will set everything back to factory settings on the 3Dconnexion Driver.
Please follow the steps below.

  1.       Uninstall the current driver on your machine by going to control panel.
  2.       Close down any application that would use the 3Dconnexion Driver.
  3.       Navigate to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming and delete the 3Dconnexion folder. (make sure hidden files are viewable)
  4.       Navigate to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local and delete the 3Dconnexion folder.
  5.       Click the 'Start' button and 'Run' type in 'regedit' and hit OK to bring up the Registry Editor. There is a registry entry under the branch HKEY_CURRENT_USER under the 'Software' folder. Delete the 3Dconnexion folder found in this location.
  6.       Close the registry editor.
  7.       Reinstall current Driver
  8.       Test.

I am running on the latest version of Windows 10, but have also tried all fixes on an earlier versions of Windows 10. I have no plugins installed except for what is automatically included in Sketchup and the 3Dconnexion plugin. I make sure I am not running any other software except Firefox when testing. It seems to function correctly until using a customized button. If I click around, use the cadmouse scroll wheel, etc… it usually starts working again after a bit until I click the customized button again whereupon it immediately freezes the joystick.

Spacemouse has been playing nicely with Sketchup for me for at least a year now and since recreating the same environment for which it worked flawlessly for so long (minus all the 3rd party Sketchup plugins) doesn’t solve the problem I am at a loss for what to try next. If anyone does find a fix I’ll be looking forward to good productivity again.

David V. @ 3Dconnexion support has been very good at trying to help me solve this and was full of ideas to try up until this point. We now seem to be grasping a little.

Try this:

- Navigate to C:\Program Files\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\3DxWinCore64\3DxDiag
- Run 3DxDiag.bat
- You will get a small window for our Diagnostic Tool.
- Make sure its not displaying in Red that the log is not enabled. If its showing then please click on Enabled log
- Once that done, Scroll down under Reset
- Click on Reset driver settings then press OK to delete files.
- Once that done, click on the second reset button which is Reset Configuration and press OK to delete files
- Uninstall the current driver from your machine by going to Control Panel.
- Once that done, please do steps 2,3,4 in our FAQ here
- Reboot your machine
- Reinstall the current driver from our website
- Reboot your machine
- Test it

Yes, David is working on my case as well.

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Thanks for this. I will look into it in the next few days. I recall trying something similar (not sure if the same) with direction from Dave from 3DC.

I’ll let you know how it goes… Cheers.

Okay, so I followed these instructions as best I could. The difference being that I don’t see a 3DxWinCore64 folder, but do see a 3dxWinCore folder which contained the 3DxDiag.bat which I ran. And followed steps 2,3,4 in the FAQ mentioned. However there was no 3Dconnexion folder inside ‘software’ under HKEY_CURRENT_USER. There was such a folder under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE though, and I renamed it in that location. Rebooted, re-downloaded and reinstalled the driver, rebooted. Opened Sketchup 2020 Pro and tested. No problems until I opened 3Dconnexion properties and changed the thumb button on cadmouse to ‘rectangle’. First press of that button stopped function of the spacemouse. So no change.


I received this email reply from 3DC today:

"…Your case has been escalated to me. I’ve been able to reproduce the issue on my end on one of our test machines. I have gone ahead and notified our development team of this issue. We are currently tracking it internally as WIN-685, “Pressing mapped button while moving in Sketchup causes navigation to stop.”

I tried rolling back to 3DxWare 10.6.4 and noticed the problem had gone away. For the time being, I recommend rolling back until the issue can be fixed.

10.6.4 is available from our driver archive here. To get to it, I simply chose the SpaceMouse Enterprise for a device. 10.6.4 should be the first result.