Space mouse Ipad

Anybody tried Space mouse (3dmouse) on ipad sketchup? Will it work or it’s not supported yet? I didn’t found any info about that.
Thax in advance

3DConnexion doesn’t have a driver for iPadOS, and I don’t know if it is possible to install drivers on iPad. Also their integration into SketchUp uses an extension and SU doesn’t have extensions on iPad.

Thank you for quick response.
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Just upgraded to a iPad Pro 11, M2 and also a Logitech Combo Touch case/keyboard.
Also pared a Logitech Mouse and to my surprise found that not only does the mouse work beautifully but now I have Hot Keys and Measurement input that is closer to the desktop version.
Just a few issues to get use to it but my twenty some years of desktop experience is making this a great experience.
Looking forward to hearing if anybody else is using a keyboard with iPad version?
There are a few minor issues to adjust to, but love the ability to have the keyboard, mouse and pencil!

I’ve been using an iPad keyboard thing(forget the real name of it) since I got the iPad. A few months ago I aded a Logitech M510 mouse because it’s the same as the one I use on my PC. Works perfectly. I just had to get a little adaptor so I could plug in the USB receiver for the mouse.

My mouse is a Logitech M535 which is the same as my desktop mouse, so hand feel is my normal touch. Found that with the mouse I have to pay attention to the hotspot point are because they seem to be more specific than the pencil