"Sorry! You must be logged in."

I am trying to use geolocation (SU Pro 2020) but an error message saying “Sorry! You must be logged in. Please close this window and sign in to SketchUp by clicking on the Account icon. Look for it in the upper right corner of the modeling window.” I am logged in, as far as I can tell. What am I missing?


Try logging out and then back in.

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That worked. Thank you.

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Good deal.

By the way, since you’ve updated to SU2020, how about updating your forum profile, too?

Done. Thanks for the reminder.

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When I try that, it says I don’t have internet connection. So I can’t log out to log on. Same problem with trying to open the extension warehouse, which won’t work either, unless I rewrite the dat file. That is blocked by my dell assistant. I really don’t understand why they never did a bug fix and issue it for people like myself still using older versions (I am on Pro 2018) How long would it take a programmer to write a fix and issue it?

It would seem to me a basic business tactic - to fix nickel and dime stuff like that without requiring a customer to purchase the next upgrade. Don’t they want happy customers? I really fail to understand that business philosophy, like HP selling a printer with half full toner cartridge’s. It only upset’s their customer base, and the cost to provide a full cartridge is negligible. Kinda like selling you a cup of coffee, and charging extra for cream and sugar.


Back to the drawing board, and I will try to rewrite the dat file. G