Sorry to use this space but not a solid after Solidinspector2 and Cleanup3 pass

Can anyone tell what is wrong with the model. I imported an STL and made solid. Blew it up using the david method and modeled some more it was still a solid. Now I have done something to it that prevents it from being solid. Any help? Using trial pro but then make when expires. Windows 10.

You need to upload the model itself. So that someone can investigate with proper tools, not just view the model in a viewer.
Use the eight icon from te left, “arrow_up” to attach the skp model in your post.

@g.h.hubers Just click on text “3D Warehouse” from the left-down and you will be able to download the 3D model.

The geometry it’s not grouped, faces are reversed and a lot of tiny edges.

Shoot, this happened to me before.
Thank you.

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Dang I know I sometimes close my edit components but just didn’t reopen them maybe when I drew lines. Then I always run cleanup and inspector in the edit mode. Thank you.

Okay working on this and I open component reverse face and then orient faces but run solid inspector and it says it all the faces are reverse. Why is it going in the opposite direction?