Need help with not solid object

Hello, i am new on the forum. I have tried to make an 3d detail but i dont know how to get it where i can print it.
I basicly have read a lot of threads on this forum and learning a lot of things on how to make my file.
So i have a 1 solid piece and the other that is more complicated a non solid piece. i used the isnpect plugin and it shows that i have some messed up lines. I have tried drawing them over, i tried scaling it bigger and fix it but nothing seems to work. Also I have a error on the back of the little cluster and i cant seem to fix it no matter how i try

How about uploading the SKP file?

I have to uploadid to other site because its too large to uploadid sraight to here.
the file is located here :

Upload it to the 3D Warehouse and provide the link. The site you chose tried to install a bunch of garbage on my site when I attempted to download your file.

Im sorry for that website, ive been using it all the time, no problem so far or im not aware of that.

Also can you tell my why my file is so big? I see there are more complex details on 3d warehous that are /10 the size that my file is.

I couldn’t even get the file from that other site. The Warehouse worked just fine, though.

So there are a bunch of reversed faces that need to be corrected. You should only see white faces.

And there are a bunch of internal faces and edges which is what Solid Tools 2 is showing. Deleting those internals will help.

I made a component of each part.

Thank you for helping, it is my first ever try to make a 3d file. I understand the problems you pointed out, i have read the same problems on the forum from other people but how to i fix them is not understood for me.
For example, how the hell do i delete those internal faces and edges without deleting/fing up other panels next to them?

I have now learned how to make the faces to the correct side (reverse). But how do i know what walls are reversed

The first thing I did is make a copy of the component over to one side and scale it up by a factor of 1000. I do this because the cleanup process is likely to make some tiny faces and editing at the larger scale will avoid problems. Then open the component for editing and select all of the geometry. Right click on it and choose Intersect Faces>With Selection. I hid the fairing surface between the block part and the cylinder. Then I unneeded faces and edges. I also corrected the face orientation by selecting the reversed faces, then right clicking and choosing Reverse Faces.

Use Model Info > Statistics > Purge Unused…
The 3Mb becomes under 800kb.
Also you are using Layers incorrectly.
All raw geometry should be assigned Layer0.
Only give other layers to containers - groups/component-instances…
You use layers to control visibility - not to separate geometry.
Also if you view in Monochrome mode there are several reversed faces…
If you make the geometry into a group it does not report as ‘Solid’ in Entity Info.
You have several internal partition faces etc…
SolidInspector² reports these but can’t fix them.
My SolidSolver can’t fix them either !
Cut some temporary sections and try and remove internal faces until it reports as a solid.
A manifold solid needs every edge to support exactly two faces - no more no less.
An internal partition face will have some edges with three or more faces !

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TIG got on to some things I hadn’t gotten to yet. Good on him.

Thank you for your replay, since english is not my mother language ( aa no s**t, i know ) it takes some time to understand all of your information by reading and tring different things/combos. Will try to correct the file.
Also thanks for showing with pictures and telling the story but not sending/uploading the fixed file because it urges me to make it my own not just download the fixed thing and if i have another project ill just problably to the same instead of being able to fix it my self :slight_smile:

Okay, i really have hard time with that deleting the faces, can you please tell me where are those things/faces i need to delete?

I did scale it by 1000 but all isee when zooming in is stil just red lines nothing more. when i delete 1 section of the red circle it f***s up the whole panel next to it. I really dont get it how do i get it done.

I just treated the two entities as seperate and the left one reported a vol when you select enitity info. which can impliy it is solid but, what that means it is treating the total entitiy as a solid. Unless you have a printer it will be expensive using a commerical priinter to print it.
Is that OK ? If not the models need to have a finite thickness walls!
That thickness will depended on your printer and the type of material used. Check you printer manual or you can also find that info on line.
Before I would attempt to proceed futher that basic questiond needs to be answered IMHO.

thank you for reply, the left one ( the simple one i assume?) shows for me too that it is infact a solid piece. Even if im not going to print it (i am actually) i still want it to bee correct and i want to learn how to remove those faults that i have, i reall try hard and i want to make it work but somehow its not working. Some faults i delete are okay, the others i delete will delete with the panels next to it and then ill try to draw it back with pencil, i dont think it should be like that. But i try different stuff and still cant get it right.

Also i learned that when you have solid inspector showing you the faults you can press TAB to (get more precise) highlight your problem/faulty line.

But still cant figure out how do i delete the faults without deleting other panels/pieces

Select just the Face between the red lines and hit Delete on your keyboard.

Thank you guys for being patient with the new guy. i finaly got 2 solid objects. And all i needed was a fresh head in the morning and read what Box wrote. I did not understood that i needed to delete between the red lines not the red lines it self :blush:
Thank you all for helping!

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