Some students get error message when opening Learn video section if logged into account

Note: edited for additional information:
SketchUp for Schools - a small number of students get an error message when they try to load the ‘Learn’ videos when they are signed into their ‘Learn’ accounts.
All students can access their SketchUp accounts and complete work in them. So this is not likely to be a domain issue or licensing issue for the school.
Most students can also sign in to Learn and watch the videos without any problems.
But a few consistently get an Error message when they try to access the videos if they are signed in to Learn. They can watch the videos if they are not signed in, but it doesn’t track their progress.
I suspect it’s some kind of account or licensing issue specific to these few accounts but don’t know how to debug the issue without some help.

You might have a look at this:

And this: