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I am trying to trim lots of smaller solid shapes to fit a specific dimensions and am running into issues on how I can do this. I have attached the file. What I need is all the scales trimmed to fit within the rectangle that is behind it. 120mm x 390mm and if anyone can help me with this it would be much appreciated.

Scales.skp (245.3 KB)

You’ve got a good start. Make a frame that your rectangle would fit into and make it thick enough to extend beyond the scales. You can then use Trim for the Solid tools to trim the scales where they need to be trimmed.

Actually, you don’t have to trim all of the boundary scales. Trim one on the top and use it to replace the rest along the top. Do the same at the bottom and at the ends.

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I have tried that just now and its not cutting the top line in half its just cutting a very small slit in the side of it. Is there anything else you could suggest?

Does the frame shape extend beyond the limits of the scales or did you just extrude the rectangle you already drew?

I have it setup the same as you have and it extends beyond the scales by 10mm on every axis.

Hang on.

Take a look at this and see if it works for you. I did do it a slightly different way than I described.

I took the liberty of redrawing your scales and I used components instead of groups which saves a lot of time. Then I used Trim and Keep instead of the Trim tool from the Solid Tools set.
Scales.skp (241.1 KB)

I reality, would the scales be individual parts or would it be one piece pierced with the scale shapes?

Wow thanks so much! They are going to be combined into one shape as the structure for a fan cover / filter for a PC I am designing.

So you’ll have a bunch of these scales glued together?

No the idea is to cut out the empty space leaving the structure just need to figure out how to stitch all the scales together into one solid object!

Oh. Then it would be easier to draw the thing as one piece with the holes in it.

I would have done that but am quite new to Sketchup so thought it would be easier to draw one then duplicate it up as I thought combining them would be the easy part.

You were close! Probably easiest to draw a single surface, then draw one hole and make a couple of arrays.

Something like this: Trying to make 120 pen holder

Wow well that makes me method looks obsolete! I will have a play now thanks for all the help defiantly shows I have a way to go.

Aaron beat me to it. I was redoing your scales as a single sheet using the same basic method.

Wow thanks for that I never expected posting here to get such a good and helpful response! Defiantly one of the best platforms I’ve joined in a while!

Been trying to follow the thread linked above but struggling to get more than one scale connected without it mucking up and then not working. Any ideas?

Well I’ve managed to make a negative of the shape I wanted by accident…

Give me an hour and a half or so and I can demonstrate it to you live. You buy the beer.

I’ve actually managed to figure it out and have made what I wanted to :slight_smile: Thanks so much for all the help!

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