Some cool examples of my own

Work In Progress

I think I found my Match Photo “White Whale” on this project. I’m used to using it for A (as in one) house every time I do an addition or renovation, but for this new construction one, we need a zoning variance, and that means showing how our project fits in with all the neighbors. After nine imperfect buildings, I’m loath to do any more, but it turns out that was enough. Unanimous approval in maybe two minutes of debate and vote by the board thanks to flooding them with beautiful SketchUp renderings.

Here is orthographic site plan to perspective views:


I was blown away by the realism of the rendering, then I thought maybe Matterport works with real life images?

I’ve never seen a gas meter in the kitchen. Sort of like post war England?

Just joshing.–VERY cool work! Thanks for sharing.

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mostly tradition

You had to model all the neighbours houses too? Wow…

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At first, I thought it was overkill and I was just doing it as an experiment for my own educational experience, but in the end, I was glad I did it to hit a grand slam for the approval.

Match Photo plus Place Maker for a nice collaboration of tools.


Some WIP. Constructability model using Medeek BIM tools (@medeek), but so much has to be customized.

North-South lateral resistance is trivial, but East-West is problematic…segmented shear walls (red from Medeek Wall), and a steel moment frame are needed. Simple 3 stop elevator.


Very cool modeling job. My humble opinion as soon as you put an elevator in the house “simple” got passed on by. :laughing:


Absolutely impressive model, I love seeing stuff like this.

A very bespoke house. The foundation system is something else as well.

Thank-you for sharing such an impressive piece of architecture.


I, as an architectural draftsman, who mostly worked on projects which are build with bricks and ferro concrete this is really impressive!
Thanks for sharing.

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Another Match Photo case study:
Marvin Windows DC components in 3D Warehouse have been extremely helpful at times, but recently, I had a case where I cared about door hardware and there’s nothing included. Off to my local showroom, snap a picture of a sample with an iPhone, back to work with Match Photo, and with a little effort, whipped up a pretty good representation.


Very cool use of Match Photo :+1:


Agreed! That’s something I hadn’t given thought to, but would be exceptionally helpful in my line of work! Very awesome gallery!


Your work is always impressive.


My! Thank you!


Having a little more fun with Match Photo: The ghost of future concrete. Footings are done. Next up is grade beams and columns.


Keep those coming :wink:

That’s gonna be a lot of concrete…

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Spotted in the field: Framing plan done with SketchUp → Layout → PowerCADD
Steel went up in a couple hours.

And the drawing:


love the use of colour and shadow in the details…
no need for line weight and viewport stacking to replicate old school drafting!

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One question: What is the purpose of placing a steel frame?

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The steel moment frame is for lateral (in our case wind loading) resistance while trying to achieve a wall of windows facing the water view. It’s a classic recurring problem with waterfront and big view house designs.