Examples of Work


Attached are some Layout Sheets from some work completed recently for a Client.

I have utilised the brilliant knowledge taught to me by @DaveR for using Dashed Lines. Works a treat.


c07-2019-05 - b01 - proposed elevations and plan sections - rev c.pdf (812.5 KB) c07-2019-05 - b02 - proposed vertical sections - rev d.pdf (1.5 MB) c07-2019-05 - b03 - proposed plan sections - rev c.pdf (1.3 MB) c07-2019-05 - b04 - proposed steelwork elevations and detail - rev d.pdf (1.2 MB) c07-2019-05 - b05 - proposed steelwork isometric and details - rev b.pdf (1.4 MB)


You do nice work, sir. Thank you for sharing those pages.

And if I helped in any way, you certainly flatter the teacher. :wink:

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… and a Rendering showing the Proposed Finished Shopfront.

(Missed off the Roof but didn’t need it, and as long as it doesn’t rain, no problem :grinning:)



I just want to look at that for awhile.

Thank you @DaveR. Kind of you to say.

I’m pretty sure most of my knowledge of Sketchup is gained from the information you post.

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Very nice. My wife can’t walk past the Entertainer without going inside. “Somebody” appears to be making the storefronts very attractive. :smiley:

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