Examples of Work and Finished Project


Following the completion on site of the Project I’ve been working on since November last year, thought I’d post some extracts from my work and the photographs of the finished site.

@DaveR gave me a great tutorial on both Dashed Lines overlays and Colour by Layer, which I used to overlay the M and E, the extent of which is shown in the photos.


70016-220 - design grid ga - rev a.pdf (748.1 KB)

70016-230 - feature mesh wall - rev a.pdf (956.8 KB)

70016-310 - slatted ceiling - rev b.pdf (1.2 MB)

70016-504 - decs central area 1 - ab.pdf (981.1 KB)

70016-2001 - floor slab infills.pdf (1.4 MB)



Thank you @simoncbevans

Yeah, I was quite pleased with it and I’m impressed with how well Layout managed, (considering all my previous moans about it :grinning:). One of the Layout files had about 35 A1 Sheets, all Hybrid Rendered, stacked viewports, loads of colours and textures, loads of Skalp Sections, iso views, Perspective views etc etc.


Very nice work Mike. Very nice.

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Thank you Dave. Very much appreciated.

Wow Michael! I really love your work. Like everything about it. Clear, fab colours and layout and captures the mood. You manage to produce a working drawing that tells the story and is not stale and boring. Inspires one to start the project straightaway!


Hi @Rightangler

Thank you. That’s very kind of you to say.

I try to approach the work with the view that a pictures speaks a thousand words. I also try to assume that the person reading the drawings has known nothing about the job, and so the drawings should show everything they need to know, clearly.

Still learning though, and always will be. I find much inspiration from work posted by other members, and there is some stunning work shown regularly in this forum.