Some 2-point arcs are not giving me faces

I am not getting faces on certain arcs, but am on others. It is symmetrical in which ones do and don’t, but I can’t find the problem. Can anyone help? I have tried making sure all the points are connected, but I have to be missing something. I am uploading the file in case anyone wants to take a look at it.
Gauge 3.skp (189.8 KB)

The arcs don’t lie on the same plane. You can see that if you orbit around to look edge on.

Might be easier if you start with a rectangle drawn between the top and bottom rings on which you draw the arcs. Then erase what you don’t need.

You could also try a different approach to modeling this. Maybe start with a cross section for a Follow Me profile and a circle for a path. Model “cutters” (shown in blue) to intersect with faces and then erase what isn’t the gauge.

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Brilliant, I didn’t even notice. Thank you.

Here’s a quick gif to demo how the underlying geometry works in a case like this.
By joining the correct dots a face will form.
Face segment