Connect arcs with faces

Hi All,

I have 2 arcs, each has 30 sides (nevermind why 30, the important thing is each has the same number).
I need to connect those arcs with faces so they would become, well connected with faces.
Now to my questions:

  1. Is there a way to do it smart, rather than connecting each of the 30 side’s endpoints to the corresponding 30 side’s endpoints? Because this just seems to silly- there has to be a smarter way.
  2. Provided the answer to #1 is “nope - you have to connect each endpoint to the corresponding one on the other arc manually” is there a way to make sketchup show all the endpoints? Because right now if I click the arc, the whole arc is marked, so I have to move the “line” mouse over the ark until the “endpoint” is shown. And this just feels like working too hard and again, not smart at all.
    arcs_faces.skp (1.2 MB)

Please advise.
Thank you!

Have you looked at the Curviloft plugin to see if it would accomplish the task without having to connect the segments individually?

I would also suggest Curviloft from Fredo6 and available from Sketchucation. Quick and easy.

As for showing the endpoints, you could do that by turning on endpoints in the Styles Edit tab but you’d have to get explode the curves before the points would show up.

The Sandbox from Contours tool also can be used, but it requires some cleanup and patching afterwards.


Got it, thanks!