Arcs to edges? Easy. Edges to arcs

Let’s say I accidentally exploded a few arcs (hundreds of them actually) how do I turn them back into arcs?


Lines to Arcs


Do you need them as true arcs or is a weld enough?


Weld would work if I was sure I could inference the midpoint of the curve. Dave may have me hooked up there though. Let me see :grin:

P.S. - Some of ya’ll are QUICK to reply. Do you have notifications set up for fresh posts or something? Or do I just happen to post whenever you’re on?

Some of us keep a second tab open to see what’s happening here.

There are other options, too. I like the one I linked to and have a keyboard shortcut set up for it.

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It’s interesting- I don’t see that on the Extension Store3, but it seems to be on Sketucation. Odd.

What odd about that? The link I provided is to Sketchucation. There are a lot of extensions hosted at Sketchucation that aren’t available in the Extension Warehouse. TIG’s and Fredo6’s extensions for example. And many more.

You should install the Sketchucation Extension Store tool and use it to search for and install extensions from there. It’ll help you keep them up to date and it’ll create a “bundle” of extensions from Sketchucation that you can automatically ionstall when you upgrade to the next SketchUp version or switch to a different computer.

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"On? … Some of us never really leave … "

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The SketchUcation Extension Store IS what I was referring to. I typed in “arc”, “lines”, “lines to arc”- nothing.

You’re a long way out of date. You ought to update that, too.

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Ahhh, t’was my eyes! I was sifting around looking for something that started with an “L”.
Silly me. Anywho, I’ll give it a whirl.

Does the store have an update function or do I need to do it the old-fashioned way? If the latter, how do I make surer to retain my downloads and such and not wreck anything?

I know it says 3, but I’m running 4.1.0- the title at the top of the store says 3, so that’s what I wrote.