SOLVED: Colour picker not displaying (Styles editing)

Good day,

I have a curious problem on my desktop computer, but not laptop… both with Windows 10, and Sketchup Pro 2018 (18.0.16975). As these computers have different graphics cards, I think my problem is related to this.

On my desktop, when I click on the colour-chooser box, I don’t get a palette (see image)

However, I believe Sketchup is waiting for a selection because it won’t let me navigate until I hit ESC.

If this is related to my graphics card, what sort of option should I be looking for? Unless there’s a Sketchup option I should try that I’m unaware of. (I’ve already tried the GPU flags)

Any help or suggestions you can offer are appreciated!

Steve Gallant

Try Window>Preferences>Workspace>Reset Workspace.

Good suggestion, @DaveR … I did try that earlier, but no affect.

Try this:

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OMG! You are a genius! PROBLEM SOLVED.

Thank you so much, @DaveR

Thanks. Only a genius to remember Box’s post. :wink:


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