SolidInspector - How to find a hole in a mesh?

Hi there.

I’m not able to close this mesh, solid inspector tells me I have to do it manually.
Not sure if it’s important, but I used curviloft.

This is my skp file: arm.skp (451.1 KB)

Thank you so much.

If you use thomthom’s SolidInspector² tool it reports the one error.
There’s a tiny hole.
If you use TAB it highlights it.
Use Xray mode to better see the issue.
Zoom in to that tiny triangular hole and draw an edge over one side to make a new face form.
You can then erase the two unwanted edges so that a since surface remains.
it should then report in Entity Info as a Solid…

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Thank you so much @TIG :wink:
That extension is awesome, now it comes to my mind that I read something about the using of TAB to make Solid Inspector shows you where the holes are (as you said) but I forgot it because I wasn’t using Solid Inspector when I did.

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