Solid Inspector 2 Reporting Errors - Cannot Locate


So I have this TIN and the Solid Inspector 2 extension reports that I have 89 surface borders and 19 internal face edges.

That’s fine, but it’s not highlighting where these problems are within the TIN, and I’ve done several scourings of the object and no luck.

Can someone tell me what I might be missing and/or what to look for?


Attached is a screenshot of what I am seeing.


I can’t tell from the screenshot, but it is possible that the locations of the problems are too small to see at that zoom level or are hidden behind other objects when viewed from that direction. Internal face edges in particular being, well, “internal” often require that you do something like a section cut or xray view to find them. Surface borders could be anywhere, e.g. on the back side of what you are looking at.


Oh I know, but on the Solid Inspector thing if I click on where it says for instance “Surface Borders” it highlights in the model where the offending things are. Only, in this case, that doesn’t happen.

I suppose this means I’m destined to spend hours going through every single edge inside of the TIN. Yay.


Yes it highlights them, but if you can’t see them because they are too small or are hidden behind something, that doesn’t force them to become visible!


So I guess it’s time to learn how to do section cuts and X-Ray views. And maybe that “K” key.


Probably X-ray and with no textures displayed would be enough.

It’s a good idea to skip the textures until you’ve got the geometry right. Otherwise you end up creating more work for yourself.


If you hit the Tab key, Solid Inspector will zoom in on each of the errors, one at a time.


Whereas that is true, it doesn’t cause the problem to become visible if it is obscured in the view. You still need to use xray or to orbit the model to see what TT’s circle is around. Otherwise it will seem as if the Tool is pointing at a completely harmless face in front of the problem!


This is true! I often end up orbiting around the circle and fixing issues from the inside of the model, but X-Ray would work, just as well!


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