Solid Inspector is awesome, but can I ignore "Surface Borders"?

I believe my model is now solid having deleted all interior faces and I don’t think there are any stray lines or edges. Running Solid Inspector2 confirms by only giving me a “Surface Border 1” message. There is nothing in bold red on my model indicating where, if any problem, is.

So do I ignore this message if I want to try 3d printing? I have some more inspecting to do in case I didn’t xray every single little crevice, but in general, is this something that for sure will prevent printing or is it a false alarm sometimes?

Click the surface border message and hit Tab.
This will show you where the hole is so you can fix it.

No, since the message probably point to a hole in your solid. You can click on the message and use tab key to zoom to that error…

Edit: @Box beat me some seconds :wink:

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Ah, thank you. Didn’t know I can do that to zoom in on the error.

This is an awesome plugin.

thank you

Yep, I found out there were a few more interior faces I didn’t delete.

thanks guys, that tab key for zooming is a God send.

You need to be aware that Solid Inspector is a great tool but not infallible.
Use it as a guide, not a solution.
Here is a simple example of how it sees a a solid that SU doesn’t.

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Sorry for the bump for this topic but I gotta say thanks for this reply 5 years ago!