Solid object slice in half

kekfog hangfal2.skp (2.6 MB)
Hi guys!
I wanna build a bluetooth speaker, printed by my Ender 3 v2. I made the design in sketchup pro '19 but I can’t slice it in half. I’ve tried Zorro and solid tools an etc, but my drawing is maybe too complicated to slice. I’ve made it to 3 main components or groups. The reason I wanna slice it in half are: my printer could handle it better and I could glue them together easier with interlocking surfaces. Something like Hexibase’s Tectonic Elements speaker enclosure with tongue and groove side.

Which direction do you want to slice it?

Are you planning to print the ends separately from the center section? Is it only the center that you want to split? Maybe like this?

kekfog hangfal2 split.skp (1.4 MB)

I did a bit a clean up and rework of your model. There was some bad geometry.

I wanna slice it parallel to Y(green) axis in half. Like this.

kekfog hangfal2 split.skp (1.9 MB)

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Just to show you what Dave is referring to, you can see here how your model is every so slightly out of alignment.
GIF 24-01-2022 8-30-27 AM

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Guys, you are the best! Thank you! By the way, what was wrong with my sketch? I turned on the hidden geometry and saw a lot of lines, especially near rounded corners, and there were holes on the outer surface as well near rounded edges.
I have solid inspector2 and zorro2 but couldn’t make them to do as i wanted because of what you said.

And what are those values that you show?

You saw the bad geometry when you turned on the hidden geometry.

Some of those hidden edges can be deleted but many of them can’t because they are required to support the faces which are not coplanar. @Box was showing that with the coordinates. for endpoints. They should have the same Y-value but they don’t.

Notice with Hidden Geometry turned on in my version, there are none of those diagonals. I made sure to keep flat surfaces flat.

Thanks, now I understand more of it.

You could try “Tig-split_to_plane” from Sketchucation.

FWIW I used Trim from Eneroth Solid Tools to split the box but as RLGL suggests, Split to Plane would work, too.

But neither will work correctly until the bad geometry is repaired.

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