How do I cut something in half?

I am drawing an object that I would like to cut in half so that I can hinge it in the middle. I have drawn the outline of the object but I have not pulled it to thickness yet, thinking that I may need to cut it in half before I make it 3d???

It would be much easier to give you the best answer if you could share the Sketchup model with us to see exactly what you’ve done.

Ok How do I attach the file?

On Windows you can use drag and drop. Drag a SKP file from a Windows File Explorer window into a Discourse forum edit box. (The SketchUp forums use the Discourse engine.)

Or, use the “Upload” button (7th from the left on the post edit toolbar,) to use a file browser dialog.

boot jack.skp (21.8 KB)

Did It work? IF it did that was way too easy

It is a folding boot jack in case you were wondering what the heck Im doing

Yes, It posted OK.

There are other posts around:


thank you one of those extensions should help in the future. I ended up making two copies and deleting opposite sides

In the case of your model, you could just delete half of it, make the remaining half 3D and a component. Then copy and flip the component along its green axis. No extensions needed.

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