How to slice a model in half?

Hi, it seems my google is broken, but I can’t find a working solution for such basic modeling action as splitting 3d objects (aka models) in half. Just it, I have a model, which grouped from another models, and I need to split it at certain position, so I would have two models (or groups of models, whatever).

I don’t want to buy any extra stuff, please do not propose that, I want to have working solution with the modeling software for almost $1k.

It is entirely possible to do what you want with native tools but you need to give us more information about your model. Could you at least share a screen shot showing what you’ve got to start with? Better would be to share the SKP file.

Have a look at this model 12 m ISO Shipping Container (Architectural) | 3D Warehouse I’d like to split it in half in a plane parallel to the ground.

Make sure the model you want to split is a component (blank).

Create a face at the splitting plane such that the face is larger than the component/ group when viewed from top. Pull this face to create a six sided solid and make it a component (tool).

Now use solid tool and SUBTRACT the tool from the blank to get one side.

Next use solid tool and INTERSECT the tool and the bank to get the other side.

Hope this helps…

Solid Tools would make quick work although they would require that all components in the model be solid and to use them, you must have Pro. Your profile indicates you have SU Make though so they are out.

You can use a cutting plane to intersect with the faces in each component but due to the way this container was modeled, that would be a lot of work. The container could be modeled more efficiently to make cutting it easier but…

There is an extension that could make it easier called Zorro2 Be sure to read the tutorial. Use a section plane to set the location for cutting.

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