Brand New to Sketchup, Need to Cut Model in Half

I have never used Sketchup before in my life. I am trying to cut this model in half along the plane I have put through the forward fuselage. I am trying to insert this model into a garage in HomeDesignerPro. If someone could kindly help me, I would be most appreciative.

For some reason, I cannot upload my .skp file…

Hi. If your file is not large enough it can be easily uploaded. Otherwise use any online cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox for example.

Alright! Here we go. Here’s the link to the file in Google Drive!

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Using your original surface, I traced the cutting surface while in the same context of the plane’s raw geometry. Notice that my cutting plane is draw well outside the bounds of the fuselage to assure a complete cut.


Hope this helps



I edited the model for you but just the nose was still 3.5 mg.

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Awesome! Thank you all!

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