Trying to split an .stl file in half and can't get it to work right

I have the attached file that I need to split so I can print it out on my 3D printer. The complete part is too big to fit in the printer so I figured I would split the file, print both halves and then glue them back together. I saw a video where the model of a mail box was sliced, then half deleted. I tried that process but when I put the file on my slicing software, several areas of the print were missing. Holes in the model etc.

Is there an easy way to split this file in half so I can print this on my 3D printer and then glue it back together?

Thank you for your help.
Billcessna_152_fuselage_3.STL (2.9 MB)

After importing this STL into a SKP the object is not a usable solid - so unfortunately 3d-printing it will probably fail - even if you get it to fit into your printer…
It is just the front half of the Cessna’s cockpit, arbitrarily sliced off half way through the side doors and also through the engine compartment.
The ‘main fuselage’ shell has no thickness for 3d-printing - although its related struts and pegs seem to be offset as if there should be two faces to this ‘shell’ ? Viewing it in an online STL app there is no inner surface to it, so I suspect that where ever you got this STL from, they have given you an incomplete model…
It will be a challenge to add thickness to it…
Its internal struts are modeled with thickness - but are very thin.
The front part has projecting ‘pegs’ - presumably to mate with the nose-cone front ?
The rear is simply a slice…
I don’t think this model is usable how you want…

Thank you Tig. It is supposed to be thin. One layer thin. The parts actually print out fine. it is just that the model is too big for my printer. I can either cut the model in half or buy a printer with a bigger bed. Maybe trying to get the cad drawing might be easier to cut than an .stl file. Not sure I can get that though. Was hoping I could cut the .stl file.

I’m not saying it can’t be ‘cut’, however I am surprised it would print OK since the form is not a manifold solid.

To cut it try the following - please work on a copy as the operation will be ‘destructive’.
Get Zorro2 and install its RBZ. - see p8…
Add an orthogonal section-plane which cuts the form in half.
At this point save the model, then save it as another name, now reverse the section-plane.
Run Zorro and as explained in its guide, choose the section-plane.
Half of the model disappears.
Delete the unneeded section-plane.
Save it.
Open the first version of the model and repeat the Zorro2 on the section-plane and the other half disappears.
Delete the unneeded section-plane.
Save it.
Now you have the two halves in separate SKP files…

Good luck !

Thank you Tig. I will give your suggestion a try.

you might want check ADesks Netfabb too (30-day trial avail.), the Standard edition should suffice.