SketchUp For Schools SPLIT large model for 3d Printing

I have a model that I want to print at a specific size (1:1000 scale). My printer can handle up to 25cm but my model is 36cm.
How can I split the model into 2 pieces to print?
I’d like it to be split down the third piler and across the narrow width of the building.

Scale Size V1 (1).stl (91.1 KB)

You could split it with a cutting plane drawn through the middle of it and intersected with the faces. The most straightforward way to make the two parts would be to draw that cutting plane (a rectangle positioned to pass through the model. Intersect the faces and then make a copy of it. In one of those copies, delete the right half. In the other, delete the left half.

The STL, at least as it imports into SketchUp, is not printable as it is. There’s quite a lot that needs fixing. I’d take care of all that before splitting it.

Thanks so much for answering my question! I’m still very new to this and I’m trying to learn it before my students get better than me. hahaha.

I have a follow up question: How can I “UNGROUP” an object? I don’t think I am able to interface the square with the model because it’s already been made into a group. So I can’t delete half.

Also thanks for the tip on the solid inspector!

Right click on the group and choose Explode

Yes. You can. Double click on the group with the Select tool to open it for editing. Or right click on it and select Edit Group.