Cut a round face in half

Cap.dae (42.4 KB)

Need some help on how to cut these faces in half!
Thank you!

Please upload the saved SKP file instead of the DAE.

Do you just want to reduce the height of those tabs?

Note, you need to correct face orientation on all of the blue faces. They are currently inside out. If you plan to 3D print this, most of it won’t print correctly.

There were quite a lot of lines in the model there weren’t needed. I took those out, and fixed the reversed faces.

On the question of making something be half as tall (assuming that’s what you want), one way is to push/pull the top down to the base, note how far that was, Undo, push/pull again by any amount, and type half of the earlier value.

In your case it was ~9/16, so I typed 9/32 as the amount to push down.

Edit: Solid Inspector saw two minor errors. I fixed those and replaced the file. It now shows a good volume, and should print ok.

Cap.skp (140.3 KB)

Skp.skp (254.2 KB)
No,i just want to cut that face in half,so I extrude the top one to create a sort of hook,I attach a picture maybe you can see what I`m on about.

Instead of trying to draw the hooks on the tabs, it would be easier to draw the cross section of the cap and use Follow Me to make the cap. Then cut the slots afterward.

From the left.

A cross section of the cap and a circle for a path.
After Follow Me and make it a component or group.
Four “cutters” drawn as solid components or groups.
After Subtract from Solid Tools, or better, Eneroth Solid Tools.

The result is a solid and would be 3D printable.


Is there a reason not to use the Thingiverse file?

Yes,the sizes are not correct for what I need,and I like to build it myself,with your help of course,thank you all!

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I dont know the exact dimensions you need…but…I copied the top line down to the half way point, drew a short line out perpendicular to face, closed that loop and follow-me using initial line, then pp under face down.
It would make sense to have this as a component so all of them would update.

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Thank you very much,you were exactly on point,I have managed to finish the project with your help,thank you again!