Solid Inspector--Nested Instances. How to avoid mistakes in what's selected before running

I have a sketchup model that includes several components. Only one component needs to be 3d printed.

Solid inspector complains about nested instances and doesn’t check inside instances for issues. So, I’ve been selecting the only component I want to 3d print and then run Solid Inspector. This seems to run on everything at the top level in that component instance.

As I’m designing the part to be 3d printed, I need the other components in the model. Several times, I’ve gotten deeper and deeper into “not really solid!” issues because I was running the Solid Inspector at the wrong level of hierarchy and it therefore didn’t complain.

Is there a “best practice” suggestion for doing this, or do I just need to learn to always be careful about the component I select before running Solid Inspector?

(the other components in the model are NOT solids, and I don’t want to take the time to make them “solid compliant”.

I always select the component I want to check before I activate the tool. That seems to work just fine for me.

Ok, just more newbie pain. Hopefully, I’m over it.


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One further note: if your model contains multiple objects and you don’t select one before running Solid Inspector 2, you will always get that message. In that situation, SI2 considers your model to be the target to analyze and finds instances of other things nested there.

You ca use the Susolid plugin for checking all the nested components and groups at once.It is free for only checking.