Solid Inspector Shows Nested Instances and I don't have a clue how to fix


I’m a newbie and I imported two very simple files into sketchup 2014 from GrabCad. Both are simple friction discs for a clutch. When I use Solid Inspector, it says I have one nested instance in each.

How do I even begin to fix it?

Can some one examine both skp files and see what I’m missing?
I know it must be something very, very obvious.

.Inner Friction Disc Working Model.skp (183.5 KB) Outer Friction Disc Working Model.skp (185.7 KB)


A ‘nested’ instance is a component inside another component [or group].
A group can also be ‘nested’.
A ‘solid’ object must consist of only faces and edges, and every edge must have two faces - no more, no fewer.

If your ‘container’ has nested content, edit it [double-click it or use the menu item].
Use the Outliner window to show the culprits.
Select them and use the Explode function in the context-menu.

Once the container has only edges/faces in it will either be a solid, or at least you can edit it to achieve this.
With nested objects it’ll never be a solid.

Here’s the fixed ‘solid’ version.
All nested parts have been exploded.
Also Un-smoothed it, and finally used a Plugin to Delete-Coplanar-Edges…

The second SKP is very similar…


Which plugin did you use to help delete Coplanar-Edges?


[quote=“sekrit_skworl, post:3, topic:13531, full:true”]
Which plugin did you use to help delete Coplanar-Edges?
[/quote] I have my own simple script which is not published.
But Thomthom’s ‘CleanUp’ toolset includes that functionality, amongst many other useful tools…