Nested instances despite only having one component

Solid Inspector detects a nested instance and solid tools do not work. I have checked on outliner to see if there are hidden components but there is not. I have I also tried exploding and regrouping but nothing works. Any help would be appreciated. The model is 95mb so I can not upload here but you can download it on the Wetransfer link below.

Did you select the component before invoking the inspector? If not, you will get this error because from a code perspective, the model is like a giant component containing everything.

Thanks for the response. ah ok that makes sense. If I select the component inspector says there is no issues. However my problem is still that I can’t use solid tools to edit it. Is there any way around this?

A cleanup tool would probably be all you need. But I would also scale it up to a reasonable size. This is tiny.
I quickly turned it into a solid with Fixit 101.

yeah its 1:1000 and will scale it to 1:1. Just gave Fixit 101 a try and I can now edit it using solid tools which is what I needed to do. Thanks a lot!

For future reference, purge your model regularly to get rid of unused stuff, like the .stl file.
Also the image file you used is massive and doesn’t need to be, sketchup limits the resolution anyway, so having such a large image file just bloats the file.
After a purge and removing the image the file dropped from about 90mb to 3.5 mb.

Interesting. hope do you purge?

The basic way is from Model info/Statistics Purge Unused.
I think that is the same on a Mac. Or individually from the various pallets.
There is a plugin by Tig ‘Purge’ that lets you be a bit selective and gives a report.

got it down to 5mb. cheers

That’ll make life easier for you. Well done.