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Downloaded Solid Inspector and it says that I have 71 nested instances. To make things simple I created a new file, a single block, made it a component. Solid Inspector says I have one nested component. Then made one copy and put it adjacent to the original. Solid Inspector says I have 2 nested components. I guess I don’t understand “nested”. Why is this extension telling I have a problem?July 26, 2018

If you can upload an example model (or if it is larger than 3MB share it via something like dropbox), someone here will give you a definite analysis. In general, “nested” means that a group or component contains an instance of another group or component. Such nests are not considered to be solids in SketchUp.

This simple block shows as 1 nested component.Nested Instance.skp (21.6 KB)

Select the group/component to let solid inspector what you want it to inspect.

@TheOnlyAaron beat me to it, and he is absolutely correct. Your model indeed contains a perfectly fine solid component. But Solid Inspector 2 assumes you want to investigate the current selection, which until you select the block is the entire model. Your block is nested in the model’s context.

Thank you TheOnlyAaron and sibaumgartner. I’m new to this community and I must say that with such great service I am very delighted. Thank you and have a great day!

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