Solar Path Plug-In or Setting?

I am working on a model and I would like to have a visible solar path, similar to the old Eco-tect program. Is this already in the program somewhere? If not, is it available in an extension? It would really help explain the sun to students and clients.
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Hi Kris,

This might be what you’re looking for.
It’s old, but I tried it in SU 2016 for Windows and it worked.

Sun_course SketchUp Plugin by G. Miller — Ruby Library Depot

Here’s how it looks…

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Thank you so much! This is what I was hoping for!

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One more question - how did you get this to load? I’ve tried unzipping it to the plugin folder, and I’m not having a ton of luck. Any suggestions are appreciated!
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Hello Kris, @kmnelson

The download from Ruby Library Depot is a compressed .zip folder named

Simply change the file extension to sunposition.rbz and then install it via the Preferences - Extension panel

Look to the top menus in SU
Window > Preferences > Extensions > Install Extension

Upon installation the plugin appears under the Draw menu as Sun Position V1.2



Notice in the plugin’s flyout menu that the link to ‘How to Use Sun Position’ is broken.

Here is the link to the current User Guide for the plugin.
SketchUp Sun Position Plugin User Guide at Cerebral

Also note there’s an updated version available … Sun Position V1.2.1