Curic Sun Plug-In Instructions

Hi There,

I really like the idea of the Curic Sun plug-in, but I genuinely cannot figure out it’s functionality other than the videos.

Here’s what I’m looking for in terms of answers, specifically. Can you help, please?:

  1. How on earth, once the solar arc is in your model, do you hide it? I feel like there’s no way to shut it off or select it, or put in on a layer; it doesn’t show up in Outliner. The only way I can make it disappear from the model is to delete the scene it requires and then ‘purge unused.’ Surely there’s a better way to toggle this feature on and off. Right clicking isn’t revealing much, either. The videos don’t seem to answer this question, and it doesn’t toggle off when you click the ‘Show Sun’ in extension’s tool bar.

  2. I’m not quite understanding the grid notations or the grid itself. If I put months 1 through 6 in there, I end up with more than 6 lines to the grid. And there are some non-intuitive call outs at the grid intersections. For instance grid intersection 1/1, then 1/2, then 1/3, 1/4, next intersection 1/5, next intersection 21/3? I’d like to get more information about what I’m looking at, because even the engineer in my house couldn’t quite make sense of it.

Please don’t repost the plug-in’s videos to demonstrate. I’ve watched them, been to the Curic Facebook page, been on YouTube, too. I’m needing written instructions at this point.

Thanks much!

You could contact the author and get help directly from them. The published e-mail address is